An indictment, or a legal document charging you with a crime, is something you don't want to be the recipient of, so try not to rob any banks or start any money laundering schemes, and you'll probably be okay.

  • Pronunciation: / ɪn'daɪtmənt/
  • English description: a formal document written for a prosecuting attorney charging a person with some offense
  • Synonyms: accusation
  • Chinese Translation: 控诉(kong4 su4)
  • Spanish Translation: la acusación
  • ORIGIN: An indictment is most frequently a charge of a serious crime. You may have heard on television legal programs the phrase "on the first count of the indictment," which means that there's more than one charge of a category of crime in the indictment. The word can also be used more informally to mean an accusation. A book or article detailing the wrongdoing of a person or industry may be said to be an indictment of that person or industry.


  • He has previously called the indictment unjustified and said his client was looking out for his own safety.
  • The album’s summation, and perhaps the band’s path forward, is the seven-minute “Hold Your Own Hand,” another indictment.

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