A flourish is an extra touch — a trumpet's "ta-ta-da!" announcing a king's entrance, a fancy carving atop an otherwise utilitarian pillar, a wave of a flag or a cheerleader's pompom.

  • Pronunciation: / ˈflɜːrɪʃ/
  • English description: make steady progress; be at the high point in  career or reach a high point in historical significance or importance
  • Synonyms: prosper
  • Chinese Translation: 繁荣(fan2 rong2)
  • Spanish Translation: floritura
  • ORIGIN: Flourish can also mean "growth": "With the right teacher, a child will flourish." To understand how the two meanings of flourish connect, remember that the word "flower" (spelled flour-) is hiding inside it. Flowers are used for decoration and ornamentation, but they also grow. Get it? Good for you! Imagine a cheerleader shouting out your name, flourishing her pom-poms.


  • I expect we'll see that idea flourish in strange and awesome ways in the next decade.
  • It was one of a small handful of production flourishes in what turned out to be a simple, stripped-back stage show.

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