Someone heedless is reckless or not paying attention. Heedless rhymes with needless, and someone who's heedless acts as if needed things are needless. If you head out to surf in a tsunami, you're heedless of the giant-wave warnings.

  • Pronunciation: / 'hiːdlɪs/
  • English description: marked by or paying little heed or attention
  • Synonyms: careless
  • Chinese Translation: 漫不经心的(man4 bu4 jing1 xin1 de)
  • Spanish Translation: descuidado
  • ORIGIN: When you pay heed to something you pay attention to it or consider it, but if you’re heedless you do the opposite. Sometimes being heedless means being a risk-taker in an exciting way, or it can just mean losing track of time, but often it describes being inconsiderate. If you keep raising the volume when your brother asks you to turn down the music, you’re heedless of his need to study, and if you're heedless of the yellow tape that says "Do not cross," you disregard the law.


  • But the breathless energy of his account also teased out the sonata’s heedless daring.
  • You can regard it with cool, self-contained skepticism or embrace it with heedless ardor.

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