You can grant anything from a permanent restraining order to a request for time off, or, if you’re a genie, seven wishes. When you grant something you are letting someone have or do something that they are asking for.

  • Pronunciation: / ɡrænt/
  • English description: let have
  • Synonyms: allow
  • Chinese Translation: 允许(yun3 xu3)
  • Spanish Translation: la beca
  • ORIGIN: When you grant something, you’re typically fulfilling a request that is not an automatic entitlement. For example, if you order a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce in a restaurant, when the meal arrives, you wouldn’t say that the chef has been kind enough to grant you the meal; it’s an order that’s been fulfilled. If you ask the chef to make it a vegan dish that doesn’t include chicken stock, however, then you’re making a request that it’s up to the chef to grant — or not.


  • The play aided in changing public opinion, and in 1916, Manitoba became the first province to grant women the right to vote.
  • A hearing on whether to grant the group a preliminary injunction was scheduled for next week.

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