Truly, your resilience, or ability to bounce back, is not just admirable, but foolhardy, some might say; who else could have survived an attack by a rabid toucan and then gone on to become a world-renowned bird breeder?

  • Pronunciation: / rɪˈzɪliəns/
  • English description: the physical property of a material that can return to its original shape or position after deformation that does not exceed its elastic limit
  • Synonyms: resiliency
  • Chinese Translation: 恢复力(hui1 fu4 li4)
  • Spanish Translation: la resistencia
  • ORIGIN: The noun resilience stems from the Latin resiliens “to rebound, recoil.” As a character trait, resilience is a person’s ability to recover quickly from unfortunate circumstances or illness. Runners who fall during a marathon only to pop back up and dash through the finish line show some serious resilience. Or Silly Putty that can stretch and stretch without breaking, and then come back to rest inside its egg-shaped carrying case — that’s resilience, or elasticity, for you.


  • These existing resources can be leveraged to further build community resilience.
  • However, he added that it was not all bad news as technological advancements offered hope of increasing resilience to changes in the growing conditions.

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