A conifer is a type of tree that produces cones and evergreen needles. Spot a pile of cones beneath a tree and you've found yourself a conifer.

  • Pronunciation: / 'kɑnəfɚ/
  • English description: any gymnospermous tree or shrub bearing cones
  • Synonyms: coniferous tree
  • Chinese Translation: 松柏科(song1 bai3 ke1)
  • Spanish Translation: la conífera
  • ORIGIN: With the word cone embedded in it, it's no surprise that conifer is the term used for cone-producing trees. Conifers can often be identified by their typically long needle-shaped leaves like the kind you find on a Christmas tree. Mostly found in northern forests where the winters are cold, the tough prickly leaves on conifers make them adaptable to the weather.


  • Conservationists are unveiling their 12 trees of Christmas, in a bid to highlight the plight facing some of the world's threatened conifers.
  • There’s just a bunch of steep terrain covered in boulders and scree with varying degrees of conifer cover.

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