When something doesn’t go your way and you get annoyed about it, that’s a pout. And when you let the world know about it by thrusting out your lower lip, you are pouting. Get over it.

  • Pronunciation: / paʊt/
  • English description: make a sad face and thrust out one's lower lip
  • Synonyms: mop
  • Chinese Translation: 撅嘴(jue1 zui3)
  • Spanish Translation: poner mala cara
  • ORIGIN: When you pout, you’re expressing annoyance or displeasure. It’s a sulky kind of gesture, one that involves a facial expression more than words — in fact, a pout is often accompanied by a moody silence. The verb form of pout describes the action, and the noun form describes the facial expression. Maybe it's not a coincidence that a pout is also a type of fish. Pouting faces are a bit fish-like in their expressions.


  • If even that is greeted with pouting and complaining, then it might be time for a professional referee.
  • The defiant boy pouted, but eventually sat down and began to pay attention.

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