You know you've hit it big, when you earn acclaim, or enthusiastic approval. And when you have achieved "critical acclaim," even the grouchy critics approve of you.

  • Pronunciation: / ə'klem/
  • English description: enthusiastic approval
  • Synonyms: eclat
  • Chinese Translation: 喝彩(he4 cai3)
  • Spanish Translation: la aclamación
  • ORIGIN: The word acclaim comes from the Latin word acclamare, which means to cry out. So it only makes sense that the verb acclaim means to offer enthusiastic praise or applause. "The book wascritically acclaimed, but most of the students found it to be stupefyingly boring.".


  • He felt undeserving, as if he hadn't earned his acclaim in any meaningful way.
  • These veterans are two of the most acclaimed jazz pianists of all time.

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