If it’s fall and the yard is covered with leaves, you'll want to get out the rake, a long-handled tool with a row of tines. Either that, or get out the excuses and leave the leaves where they lie.

  • Pronunciation: / rek/
  • English description: use a long-handled tool with a row of teeth at its head  to move leaves or loosen soil
  • Synonyms: pull  together
  • Chinese Translation: 用耙子耙(yong4 pa2 zi pa2)
  • Spanish Translation: el rastrillo
  • ORIGIN: Rake has several senses, including to use a rake to gather leaves or smooth soil. Rake can also mean to search something — the way police may rake through a crime scene for clues or the way you may rake through a messy desk to find a pencil. A rake is also a slanted plane — it's often used to refer to a slanted stage in a theater. In high society, a rake is an immoral man.


  • By Saturday afternoon, I had raked some leaves and organized a bookshelf.
  • The movie that follows is wholly unremarkable, but that hardly seems relevant in a world where Minions raked in more than a billion dollars.

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