To be receptive is to be open to new ideas or change. If you’re responsive to other people’s suggestions and not set in your ways, then you’re not only receptive, but flexible.

  • Pronunciation: / rɪ'sɛptɪv/
  • English description: open to arguments, ideas, or change
  • Synonyms: pervious
  • Chinese Translation: 乐于接受的(le4 yu2 jie1 shou4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: receptivo
  • ORIGIN: The adjective receptive actually comes from a Latin word that means receive. So a receptive person is willing to receive things, especially opposing arguments, constructive criticism, and helpful hints. How receptive you are speaks to your willingness to have an impression made upon you. It can be good to be large and in charge sometimes, but you can also benefit from stepping back and being receptive to what life brings.


  • For better and for worse, the music has gotten bigger, cleaner, more receptive to outside influences and more inviting to outside ears.
  • It may not make any one justice any more receptive to the argument that abortion is still legal and still necessary.

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