The word amity refers to a peaceful, friendly nature, much like the French word for friend — "ami."

  • Pronunciation: /'æməti/
  • English description: a state of friendship and cordiality
  • Synonyms: peacefulness
  • Chinese Translation: 友好关系(you3 hao3 guan1 xi4)
  • Spanish Translation: concordia
  • ORIGIN: From the Latin amicus "friend," amity means "friendly relations." That strong sense of friendship lends irony to the name of the book, and later the movie, called "The Amityville Horror," about a horrifying town with a weirdly cheerful name. In truth, though, amity means mutual understanding and peace. Wouldn't it be nice if all of the world's nations lived in amity?


  • How long the amity will last is unclear, but for now it is a marked change.
  • Some were more optimistic than others about how long great power amity would or could last.

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