Use the adjective unpalatable to describe something that tastes really bad, like a glass of unsweetened lemonade

  • Pronunciation: /ʌn'pælətəbl/
  • English description: not pleasant or acceptable to the taste or mind
  • Synonyms: unappetising
  • Chinese Translation: 难以接受的(nan2 yi3 jie1 shou4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: intragable
  • ORIGIN: Food is unpalatable if it tastes or smells terrible, but other non-edible things can also be described this way, if just thinking about them makes you cringe. You might find it unpalatable that some people starve while others have much more than they need, for example. Unpalatable is the antonym of palatable, meaning "good-tasting." It all started with the Latin root word palatum, meaning "roof of the mouth."


  • Bitterness is the taste most affected by cancer and its treatment, meaning familiar food and drink often becomes unpalatable.
  • For many the idea of simply giving people cash is very unpalatable.

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