No, this isn’t the dance where you try to squeeze under a pole by leaning backwards, this limbo refers to an imaginary place for lost or forgotten things. It’s where your socks go when you lose them in the dryer.

  • Pronunciation: /'lɪmbo/
  • English description: an imaginary place for lost or neglected things
  • Synonyms: fictitious place
  • Chinese Translation: 迷之境(mi2 zhi1 jing4)
  • Spanish Translation: limbo
  • ORIGIN: Limbo is originally a Roman Catholic term used to describe a place for infants who die before baptism. In common speech limbo can be used in much the same way as “gray area.” It’s a place where nothing is clear or certain. When the law isn’t clear on a specific issue, then that issue is in “legal limbo.” If there is an election that is so close that no one knows who won, that’s “political limbo.”


  • They appear suspended as though caught in a gel, a reflection of their precarious state of limbo as a people.
  • But the shelters are winding down now and without family or friends to fall back on, the handful of remaining residents are left in limbo.

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