When animal control finds a feral dog, they have to handle it very carefully because the animal is so wild that it's probably afraid of humans and likely to bite.

  • Pronunciation: /'fer(ə)l; 'fɪə-/
  • English Description: wild and menacing
  • Synonyms: ferine
  • Chinese Translation: 野生的(ye3 sheng1 de)
  • Spanish Translation: salvaje
  • ORIGIN: Feral is often used to describe a wild, untamed animal, like the feral cat with its claws and sharp teeth menacingly bared, ready to strike. Qualities that are similar to a wild animal can also be called feral. The child who grew alone up in a cabin in the woods, and who didn't go to school, was called feral when she ran away from the orphanage.


  • Roads and cars pose a major hazard, as does an increase in feral dogs and other predators attracted by poor sanitation in many regions.
  • He looks at urban clamor with a bemused revulsion; amid the feralfights of the crowd, his vision is ultimately pastoral.

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