A counterargument is the thoughtful response you give when you disagree with someone's ideas or claims. In criminal court, a defense attorney usually gives a counterargument to the prosecutor's accusations.

  • Pronunciation: /'kaʊntɚ,ɑrgjʊmənt/
  • English Description: an argument offered in opposition to another argument
  • Synonyms: argument
  • Chinese Translation: 辩论(bian4 lun4)
  • Spanish Translation: el debate
  • ORIGIN: A counterargument is really just what it sounds like — an argument that runs counter to someone else's original argument. In this case,counter means "against" or "in response to," from the Latin rootcontra, "opposite, against, or in return." A true counterargument is well thought out, countering each idea with a set of reasons proving that the opposite is true.


  • But this week, there was a small counterargument against this fatalistic viewpoint.
  • The counterargument, meanwhile, holds that the free trial could bring lots of free publicity to those same lesser-heard artists.

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