A tentacle is long, ropey thing that sticks out of an animal’s face. You probably think they’re gross. Octopuses probably think they’re cute.

  • Pronunciation: /'tɛntəkl/
  • English Description: one of a pair of mobile appendages on the head
  • Synonyms: antenna
  • Chinese Translation: 触须(chu4 xu1)
  • Spanish Translation: el tentáculo
  • ORIGIN: You can use the word tentacle when referring to all kinds of things that grasp and hold, not just slithery creatures like octopi and jellyfish. But the word does have creepy associations, which is why “the tentacles of organized crime” is a more common expression than, say, the “tentacles of friendship.”


  • The tentacles of external control have been lifted.
  • This one nestles in the home it made in a bulb tentacle sea anemone.

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