A voucher is a certificate or document that either allows you to purchase something or proves that you paid for something. A voucher is sometimes valuable.

  • Pronunciation: /'vaʊtʃɚ/
  • English Description: a negotiable certificate that can be detached and redeemed as needed
  • Synonyms: coupon
  • Chinese Translation: 优惠券(you1 hui4 quan4)
  • Spanish Translation: cupón
  • ORIGIN: When you can vouch for someone, you're willing to recommend them and say they're a good person. A voucher does something similar. For many workers, a voucher is a receipt that proves they spent money on something, like travel, which their company will later pay for. A voucher is also a type of coupon that allows you to purchase something for less or no money, even tuition to a school. Both types of vouchers allow you to save money.


  • All voters would be given vouchers that they could use to contribute to political campaigns, and small contributions would be matched from public funds.
  • Each winner will also receive four admission tickets, a parking pass, and a $40 voucher for purchases at the Fair’s food stands.

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