Compliments usually make you feel pretty good, but fulsome compliments, which are exaggerated and usually insincere, may have the opposite effect.

  • Pronunciation: /'fʊlsəm/
  • English Description: lacking sincerity
  • Chinese Translation: 过度的(guo4 du4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: excesivo
  • STORY: Hundreds of years ago fulsome used to mean "abundant," but now it's more often used to describe an ingratiating manner or an excess of flattery that might provoke an onlooker to mime gagging. If you find fulsome to be a rather clunky word, there are several fun (if vaguely stomach-churning) synonyms, including buttery, oily, oleaginous, and smarmy.


  • Advocates said no president had ever highlighted the conditions of prisoners in such a fulsome way.
  • He began by providing what many listeners might not have expected from a notorious abolitionist: a fulsome paean to the Fourth and the founding generation.

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