The adjective rambling means confused and long-winded, the way you could describe your grandfather's endless rambling stories of his childhood.

  • Pronunciation: /'ræmblɪŋ/
  • English Description: extended senses; not direct in manner or language or behavior or action
  • Chinese Translation: 杂乱无章的(za2 luan4 wu2 zhang1 de)
  • Spanish Translation: inconexo
  • STORY: Rambling always means indirect and a little confusing, which can be a negative quality in a classroom lecture or movie plot — but when you're talking about a path through the woods, rambling is a charming way to describe it. You might love to hike through the woods on rambling trails that twist and turn. Rambling comes from the verb ramble, "walk or stroll," which is a variant on the older verb romen, "to walk, or to go," and related to "roam."


  • As with Trump, his speeches are rambling and long.
  • Fox News aired Kasich’s unscripted and often rambling announcement speech uninterrupted in its entirety.

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