An errand is a short trip to fulfill some small business. When you’re runningerrands, you’re making a bunch of these all at once.

  • Pronunciation: /'ɛrənd/
  • English Description: a journey for some purpose (usually including the return)
  • Chinese Translation: 差事(chai1 shi4)
  • Spanish Translation: el mandado
  • STORY: The noun errand can refer to the mission of the trip itself. If the lines are always long at the bank, then banking may be your least favorite errand. If you are off on a wild goose chase, you may be out on a fool's errand. If you are taking food or clothing to someone in need, then you are on an errand of mercy.


  • “I might have to run a few more errands.”
  • Hunter said at the time her daughter disappeared after she left the girl with her three older siblings while she ran an errand.

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