When you feel lethargic, you're sluggish or lacking energy. Being sleepy or hungry can make anyone lethargic.

  • Pronunciation: / lɪ'θɑːdʒɪk/
  • English Description: not active physically or mentally
  • Chinese Translation: 无生气的(wu2 sheng1 qi4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: apático(a)
  • STORY: Being lethargic makes it hard to get anything done: you feel weak and sleepy. Whatever the reason, a lethargic person needs to snap out of it and get some energy, maybe by eating something or by taking a nap. Being lethargic also goes well with watching TV, since that takes almost no energy at all. When you feel lethargic, you don't have any energy to spare.


  • Wilson said the victims, who all seemed to have used the same drug, appeared lethargic, unresponsive or incoherent.
  • Veterinarians decided on the more extensive exam because he had repeatedly declined offers of fish and was becoming increasingly lethargic.

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