When you make a cogent argument, it means your argument is clear and persuasive. In these days of 24-hour entertainment news and sound-bite sized explanations of complex government policy, it’s hard to find a cogent argument amidst all the emotional outbursts.

  • Pronunciation: /'kodʒənt/
  • English Description: intended or having the power to induce action or belief
  • Chinese Translation: 使人信服的(shi3 ren2 xin4 fu2 de)
  • Spanish Translation: convincente
  • STORY: Cogent comes from a Latin word meaning to drive together, so cogent thinking is well-organized: it hangs together. If you try to convince your mayor to build a new park by saying that playgrounds are good, seeing the sky is nice, and raccoons are cool…well that’s not a cogent argument; it’s just random. But you could cogently argue that parks contribute to civic happiness by providing space for exercise, community, and encounters with nature.


  • To write a thoughtful, persuasive argument requires hard thinking and clear, cogent rhetoric.
  • This lengthy sentence is a remarkably cogent expression of the theory of revolution that developed in early modern political thought.

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