Abscond is to escape, often taking something along. As a kid, you may have absconded from your lemonade stand — with the coffee can of cash in hand, and your bewildered sister still filling cups for your customers.

  • Pronunciation: / əb'skɑnd /
  • English Description: run off without paying a debt
  • Chinese Translation: 潜逃(qian2 tao2)
  • Spanish Translation: huir
  • STORY: Abscond is generally used to describe someone running from law or capture, and the word abscond has been in use since the early sixteenth century — running away and hiding being nothing new. Dogs who get off the leash and dart into the woods are not necessarily absconding; they are simply making a break for it. On the other hand, the Ponzi schemer who went to live in the South of France with his client's money? He absconded.


  • He had absconded from the Metropolitan Police after being charged with drugs offences.
  • A public social security hospital left unbuilt when contractors absconded with their hefty advance.

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