An optometrist specializes in testing the eyes and helping correct vision with glasses or contact lenses. If you can’t read anything below the giant E on the doctor's wall chart, don’t worry: an optometrist can help improve how you see.

  • Pronunciation: /ɔpˈtɔmɪtrɪst/
  • English Description: someone who tests people's eyes and orders glasses for them
  • Chinese Translation:  验光师(Yan4 Guang1 Shi1)
  • Spanish Translation: optometrista
  • STORY:  Words starting with "opto-" are related to vision, and an optometrist is trained in finding problems with the eyes and recommending treatment or correction. "Optometry" is the science of studying the eyes or vision, and an optometrist is specialized in this study. Two words that are sometimes confused are optometrist and "optician." While an optometrist is someone who examines and treats the eyes, an "optician" works with the optometrist to make the corrective glasses or contact lenses a patient needs.


  • Menendez is accused of receiving lavish gifts from Florida optometrist Salomon Melgen, a wealthy donor and longtime ally, in exchange for political favors.
  • In addition, optometrists are paid for the time they spend testing and educating patients. New York Times Mar 26, 2015

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