Danger! Hazardous! Do not eat! These are just some of the warnings you'll see on toxicsubstances — meaning stuff that's poisonous and even deadly.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈtɔksɪk/
  • English Description: containing poison, or caused by poisonous substances
  • Chinese Translation: 有毒的(You3 Du2 De)
  • Spanish Translation: Tóxico
  • STORY:  Cobra bites, wild mystery mushrooms and strong chemicals are all toxic. So are certain people, if they have particularly mean personalities. Toxic is related to the word toxin, which is a kind of poison. It comes from the ancient Greek word toxikon, which means "poison for arrows." Some toxic arrows could come in handy for those toxic personalities...


  • Toxic chemicals were spilled from the factory into the river.
  • The metal has a relatively low toxicity to humans.

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