Rapport is a good sense of understanding and trust. If you have good rapport with your neighbors, they won't mind if you kick your ball onto their property every now and then.

  • Pronunciation: /ræˈpɔː/
  • English Description: friendly agreement and understanding between people
  • Chinese Translation: 关系(Guan1 Xi4)
  • Spanish Translation: trance
  • STORY: If you have rapport with someone, you two communicate with trust and sympathy. The word is often used to mean good interaction between people in different positions or roles such as parent and teacher, teacher and student, doctor and patient, supervisor and worker, or speaker and audience. It is always important to establish rapport with people you come into contact with regularly. Pronounce this borrowed word from the French ra-POOR.


  • He had an excellent rapport with his patients.
  • He always found he could build up a good rapport with children.

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