To conceive is to become pregnant or to come up with an idea. Both imply planting a seed for something, either a baby or a thought. "When his wife became pregnant, he could imagine the blue nursery right away, but she would conceive of something different: a pink one."

  • Pronunciation: /kənˈsiːv/
  • English Description: to imagine a particular situation or to think about something in a particular way, or to become pregnant
  • Chinese Translation: 构思(Gou4 Si1), 怀孕(Huai2 Yun4)
  • Spanish Translation: concebir
  • STORY: Latin roots for conceive (by way of French) point to "take into" either "the womb" or "the mind." An idea is sometimes called "a seed" or "the seed of an idea," and conceive means to produce something from inside the mind. Another expression is "pregnant with ideas" or "pregnant with possibilities," and someone who can "conceive of a thousand ways" to solve a problem or design something is full of new ideas.


  • As orgin­ally conceived, these games were contested between friends and took place over the course of a sport’s regular season.
  • Many people can't conceive of a dinner without meat or fish.

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