To trample is to forcefully walk right over something or someone. If you fall down during a footrace, another runner might trample you.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈtræmpəl/
  • English Description: to step heavily on something, so that you crush it with your feet
  • Chinese Translation: 踩踏(Cai3 Ta4)
  • Spanish Translation: pisotear
  • STORY: When you trample, you're stomping or stamping: it's the opposite of walking on tippy toes. A dog might trample a flower garden while chasing a ball, and an angry child might deliberately trample her sister's sandcastle, flattening it with her feet. The verb trample comes from tramp, "walk heavily or stamp," which is rooted in the Middle Low German word trampen, "to tramp, stamp, or press upon."


  • Her playwriting has been rejuvenating that part of her that sometimes feel trampled by administrative exigencies.Los Angeles Times Mar 27, 2015
  • There was a small fence to stop people trampling on the flowers.

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