Spectacular is both a noun and an adjective. The noun spectacular refers to a big, beautiful production, like a play or musical performance that has a huge cast and many dance numbers.

  • Pronunciation: /spekˈtækjʊlə/
  • English Description: very impressive or very sudden, unexpected, or extreme
  • Chinese Translation: 壮观(Zhuang4 Guan1)
  • Spanish Translation: espectacular
  • STORY: As an adjective, spectacular has the same quality of being over-the-top, like a spectacular restaurant with excellent food, celebrities at all the table and a gigantic waterfall along one wall. If something is spectacular, it seems like a rare feat, a real stop-and-stare moment. That's why it can also be associated with drama, or making a spectacle or scene, like a spectacular argument you witness out on the street.


  • It will also include live shows like the Radio City Christmas Spectacular and the company’s stake in the Fuse music channel. New York Times Mar 27, 2015
  • The news caused a spectacular fall in the stock market.

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