A tremor is a trembling or shaking in a person or the Earth. If you're scared about speaking in public you might have a tremor in your voice — or wish that an earthquake tremorwould open up the floor and swallow you first.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈtremə/
  • English Description: a slight shaking movement in your body that you cannot control, especially because you are ill, weak, or upset/a small earthquake in which the ground shakes slightly
  • Chinese Translation: 震动(Zhen4, Dong4)
  • Spanish Translation: temblor
  • STORY: If you're nervous or feeling queasy as you read a paper aloud, you might get a tremor in your hands and the paper itself will start to shake. When an earthquake rumbles, a powerful tremor might make a building shake so that it looks as fragile as a piece of paper. Not every tremor comes from fear or seismic activity, though: you can tremor or quiver with excitement as you anticipate something enjoyable.


  • The observatory has detected brief periods of seismic tremor, which can indicate movement of magma or magma gases. Washington Times Mar 26, 2015
  • In December 1950, violent tremors began on the Benbow volcano, which then turned into a major series of eruptions that lasted for almost a year.

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