A blemish is a small flaw. If you borrow your brother's brand new bicycle, you'd better be careful — what might seem like the tiniestblemish to you might be a horribly ruined paint job to him.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈblemɪʃ /
  • English Description: a small mark, especially a mark on someone's skin or on the surface of an object, that spoils its appearance
  • Chinese Translation: 污点(Wu1 Dian3)
  • Spanish Translation: Mancha
  • STORY: The classic example of a blemish is a pimple or other mark on your skin, but you can call any small defect a blemish — like a worm hole in an apple or a scrape on the side of your car. A flaw or fault in your personality or morals can also be called a blemish. You might say that the one time your dog accidentally nipped you is the only blemish on his reputation as a sweet, gentle pet.


  • Although Mr. Beaty obviously has immense respect for Robeson, the play does not present the artist as a man free of blemishes. New York Times Mar 24, 2015
  • The ACC is 11-1 with Virginia’s loss to Michigan State the only blemish. Washington Times Mar 23, 2015

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