To concur is to agree or approve of something. If someone says something you agree with, you can say "I concur!"

  • Pronunciation: /kənˈkəː/
  • English Description: to agree with someone or have the same opinion as them
  • Chinese Translation: 意见相(Yi4 Jian4 Xiang1 Tong2)
  • Spanish Translation: convenir
  • STORY: Like many words with con, concur has to do with agreement and being together. When you concur, you agree with someone about something or let them know you approve. "I concur" is a formal (and sometimes humorous) way of saying "I agree!" or "I hear that!" Also, two events that happen at the same time can be said to concur. People are happy when good things concur, like when a birthday and nice weather happen at the same time.


  • Uber drivers hope to be in the right place too and in fact, they recently partnered with Concur on another connected, networked economy experience. Forbes Mar 16, 2015
  • Justice Department investigators concurred with that finding in a report released March 4.

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