To entangle is to snarl, intertwine with, or get caught in. Too often, dolphins entangle themselves in large fishing nets meant to catch tuna or swordfish.

  • Pronunciation: /ɪnˈtæŋgəl/
  • English Description: to involve someone in an argument, a relationship, or a situation that is difficult to escape from
  • Chinese Translation: (Juan3 Ru4)
  • Spanish Translation: enredar
  • STORY:If you mean to trip your brother, you can entangle your leg around his, and when long-haired people don't brush it for days, it will snarl and entangle itself. A figurative way to entangle is to get caught up in a complicated situation: "I didn't mean to entangle you in this mess with my roommates!" Entangle's roots are en-, "put in" or "cause to be" and tangle, or "snarl."


  • Sheriff Mark Rohloff says the plane’s left wing caught power lines as it descended and became entangled. Washington Times Mar 17, 2015
  • The leg was damaged after being entangled in baling twine.

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