Tranquility is a sense of peace and quiet. It is the feeling you have while sitting under a starry sky, listening to the crickets. The aura of tranquility comes from the calm in the world, which makes you feel you are without a care in the world.

  • Pronunciation: /træŋ'kwɪlətɪ/
  • English Description: pleasantly calm, quiet, and peaceful
  • Chinese Translation: 安静(An1 Jing4)
  • Spanish Translation: tranquilidad
  • STORY: Tranquility is also sometimes spelled with one l as tranquility. Its roots are in the Latin trans meaning "exceedingly" and quies meaning "rest" or "quiet." Tranquil means calm, and something that is exceedingly quiet or restful — a sunset or a rocking chair in the shade — can give you a sense of tranquility or peacefulness.


  • For more tranquility, hit Chileno Beach, about nine miles east, which lost its shade palapas to the hurricane but remains a clean beach for swimming.

With little personal space on board, it offered peace and tranquility, and I spent many hours drawing there. BBC Feb 24, 2015