A swamp is an area that floods every year because the land is low. Watch out for alligators if you visit Atchafalaya National Wildlife Refuge in Louisiana, the largest swamp in the United States.

  • Pronunciation: /swɔmp/
  • English Description: land that is always very wet or covered with a layer of water
  • Chinese Translation: 沼泽 (Zao3 Ze2), 淹没(Yan1 Mo4)
  • Spanish Translation: pantano
  • STORY:  Anyone who has spent time in a busy restaurant kitchen has heard harried chefs cry, "I'm in the weeds!" Such people are in a different kind of swamp — the challenging environment in which too many things need to be done in too short a time. Another way of saying this is, "I'm swamped." Here swamp is a verb that describes being stuck in a seemingly endless situation — you feel like you're stuck in the squishy mud of a real swamp.


 This attack swamps specific Web addresses with massive volumes of computer-generated traffic to cause a complete crash. Forbes Mar 16, 2015

But such a search would be a technical challenge, because the light reflected by a planet is swamped by that of its star.