Sometimes stem means to originate; other times it means to stop something at its source. You stem the flow of a river, but you can also observe that a river’s flow stems from a spring.

  • Pronunciation: /stem/
  • English Description: the long thin part of a plant, from which leaves, flowers, or fruit grow
  • Chinese Translation: 茎(Jing4);  起源于......(Qi3 Yuan2 Yu2)
  • Spanish Translation: tallo
  • STORY: To remember stem’s meaning think of the stem of a plant––it’s where a plant begins but also where you pluck it from the ground. Once teachers realized that the students’ anger stemmed from the overload of homework, they stemmed the rebellion’s tide.


  • He perceived it as an “orchestrated move” by the D.A.’s office stemming from anger over the Dekraai hearings.
  • The unpaid wages stem from July-September, so Parma could face more sanctions as salaries have not been paid since then either.