A harness is a set of straps that are put on a horse so it can be hitched to a wagon or a carriage. The harness distributes the effort across larger sections of the horse's body.

  • Pronuncation: /ˈhɑːnɪs/
  • English: a set of leather bands used to control a horse or to attach it to a vehicle it is pulling harness, rope
  • Chinese Translation: n/v  马具(ma3 jv4); 控制(kong4 zhi4)
  • Spanish Translation: arnés
  • STORY: Other animals and people can also wear harnesses. Your dog might have a harness for walking, with the leash attaching to the harness and not the collar, keeping the dog from choking itself when it pulls. People wear harnesses for safety, when climbing trees or bungee jumping, for example. As a verb, harness means to control or direct as if with a harness for a specific purpose, the way solar power harnesses the power of the sun.


  • Instead, she says, it’s about harnessing the power of your connections to accomplish important goals. Forbes Feb 24, 2015 
  • The dam stores water for such functions as the irrigation of crops and the harnessing of the force of gravity for the generation of electricity.