Cultivation is the act of caring for or raising plants. Your desire to grow your own fruits and vegetables in the backyard means you'll be engaged in some heavy cultivation.

  • Pronunciation: /ˌkʌltɪˈveɪʃən/
  • English description: The preparation and use of land for growing crops
  • Chinese Translation: n.  耕种(geng1 zhong4)
  • Spanish Translation: Cultivar
  • STORY: The word cultivation is most often used to talk about the ways that farmers take care of crops. However, in a more general sense, the verb cultivate means to improve or train someone or something. You could participate in the cultivation of your little brother by paying for him to take tango lessons and teaching him how to play chess. Or perhaps you might start by simply teaching him how to sip and not slurp his soup.


  • She said home cultivation of pot will be permitted only indoors. Washington Post Feb 24, 2015
  • However, both American and Jamaican authorities insisted that this does not change the strict rules and guidelines around cross-border drug trafficking and illegal cultivation.