Use the word burglar when you're talking about someone who steals things from inside a house or a building.

  • Pronunciation: /ˈbəːglə/
  • English: someone who goes into houses, shops etc to steal things
  • Chinese Translation: 窃贼(dao4 zei2)
  • Spanish Translation: Ladrón
  • STORY: A burglar often breaks a window or forces a lock, intending to take valuable items. The act of doing this is burglary, and to do it is to burglarize in the United States, or to burgle in Britain. In the 1540's, burglar was a short form of the word burglator, from the Latin burgare, "to break open."


  • A pensioner was tied up, threatened into silence and robbed of just £15 by a burglar a court heard. BBC Feb 24, 2015
  • The burglar blocked the door and tried to get away by cutting through drywall.