A vigil (n.) is when you stay alert to guard something, as when you keep vigil over your hen house when the foxes are out. A vigil can also be solemn, as when a candlelight vigil is held for victims of a tragedy.

  • Pronunciation: / 'vɪdʒɪl/
  • English description: a purposeful surveillance to guard or observe
  • Synonyms: watch
  • Chinese Translation: 守夜(shou3 ye4)
  • Spanish Translation: la vigilia
  • ORIGIN: Vigil comes from the Latin word for "awake," and all its meanings include the idea of watchfulness. If you're attending a vigil or keeping vigil, you shouldn't expect to take a nap. The vigil is an apt kind of demonstration for peace movements, as it's calm, non-violent, and solemn, with participants standing quietly — sometimes holding candles.


  • A candlelight vigil was held later that night, with about 500 people in attendance.
  • Shocked friends and family members have been mourning her loss, with a vigil for the teen drawing hundreds of people.

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