When you jubilate (v.), you celebrate or express much happiness about something. Winning a big award makes most people jubilate.

  • Pronunciation: / 'dʒuːbɪleɪt/
  • English description: to express great joy
  • Synonyms: rejoice
  • Chinese Translation: 欢喜(huan1 xi3)
  • Spanish Translation: celebrar
  • ORIGIN: While it's more common to hear the noun jubilation, or "joy," you can use the verb jubilate when you talk about showing that joy. Your parents might jubilate on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, and your whole town will probably jubilate at the news of a new, fancy public swimming pool. The original meaning of jubilate was "make a joyful noise," from the Latin root jubilare, which means both "to call to someone" and "to shout for joy."


  • On your wedding-day, my dear, all the songs were hosannas and jubilates, and it really does seem that you are very happy and comfortable.
  • And with that I smiles at her like I'm expecting that now, seeing she knows all the tidings, she'll be jubilated over the prospects, too.

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