When you finagle, you get out of something using devious methods, like when you pretend you're sick to avoid taking a pop quiz.

  • Pronunciation: / fɪ'neɪg(ə)l/
  • English description: achieve something by means of trickery or devious methods
  • Synonyms: wangle
  • Chinese Translation:  欺瞒(qi1 man2)
  • Spanish Translation: chador
  • ORIGIN: Finagle is a word with a usually negative connotation, as it means to get something by being dishonest or tricking someone. To get a student discount from a bookstore by pretending you're a student is to finagle the store clerk. Finagle might also mean to get your way by being clever, as when you convince your sister that what she really wants for her birthday is that video game you've been dreaming of for months.


  • If party forces succeed in finagling him out of the nomination his supporters will bolt, which will break the party.
  • “This place is everything,” he said, standing outside the subterranean club as fans asked if he could finagle them into the sold-out finale.

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