A stratagem is a scheme or a clever plot. You can have a stratagem for winning a chess game, getting the girl (or boy), and avoiding a punishment. However, your opponents, crushes, and parents may have a trick or two of their own.

  • Pronunciation: / 'strætədʒəm/
  • English description: a maneuver in a game or conversation
  • Synonyms: ploy
  • Chinese Translation:  计谋(ji4 mou2)
  • Spanish Translation: estratagema
  • ORIGIN: Sometimes a stratagem is a gem of an idea, really clever and worth trying. Great generals start a battle plan with a stratagem, and businesses might have a stratagem for making more money. A stratagem is often a trick or a way to deceive an enemy or get something through a plot or ploy, but it can also mean just a great idea that outwits someone. Your teacher probably has a stratagem for helping you remember and spell words.


  • There has been constant talk of stratagems and counter-stratagems, bluffs and double bluffs.
  • Rather, it is an appallingly cynical stratagem that pits present profits against the future well-being of humans and other species.

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