Cosmetic refers to how something or someone looks. Visit the cosmetics department of a store if you are looking to buy lipstick, and visit a cosmetic surgeon if you are looking to buy new lips.

  • Pronunciation: / kɑz'mɛtɪk/
  • English description: serving an aesthetic purpose in beautifying the body
  • Synonyms: enhancive
  • Chinese Translation:  美容的(mei3 rong2 de)
  • Spanish Translation: cosmético
  • ORIGIN: The word cosmetic has to do with beauty and appearance. Cosmetic surgery makes someone look better, but isn't necessary medically, like heart surgery. A cosmetic change to a building only changes the building’s appearance. Cosmetic often means the same as decorative or ornamental. Also, cosmetics are items used to adorn, especially women, such as nail polish, lipstick, and eyeliner. All uses of cosmetic have to do with what's on the outside, not what's on the inside.


  • Chinese consumers have demonstrated a willingness to pay more for products such as cosmetics, infant formula and other baby products.
  • The action has also been spread across a wide range of industries, from cosmetics to construction equipment and from film-making to fertilizers.

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