Remorse, a noun, is what you feel if you regret your actions or wish for another outcome.

  • Pronunciation: / rɪ'mɔrs/
  • English description: a feeling of deep regret (usually for some misdeed)
  • Synonyms: compunction
  • Chinese Translation: 懊悔(ao4 hui3)
  • Spanish Translation: el remordimiento
  • ORIGIN: The noun remorse has a very vivid origin. It comes from the Latin roots re for "again" and mordere "to bite." So, if you feel remorse, it means that your conscience is working on you, your past actions are biting you back, and making you feel very regretful. Synonyms for this word are "penitence," "rue," and "contrition." If you took a cookie from the cookie jar and ate it you can't return it; all you can feel is remorse for what you did!


  • The drinkers usually became so overcome with remorse that they wept.
  • Sentencing, the judge said: "I regard this as a very grave offence of manslaughter, you were on licence at the time. "Any remorse is false.

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