Someone who's lapsed has stopped participating in some activity or following some particular rules. A lapsed Baptist was raised in the Baptist church but no longer practices this religion.

  • Pronunciation: / læpst/
  • English description: no longer active or practicing
  • Synonyms: nonchurchgoing
  • Chinese Translation: 终止的(zhong1 zhi3 de)
  • Spanish Translation: transcurrido
  • ORIGIN: If you describe yourself as a lapsed Catholic or a lapsed Hindu, you once took an active part in your religion and now you don't — in fact, you may no longer believe. This adjective can also mean "expired," like your dog's lapsed license, which ran out months ago and you keep forgetting to renew. Lapsed comes from the verb lapse, which stems from either the Latin lapsus, "a slipping and falling," or lapsare, "to lose one's footing."


  • The first session will last 16 minutes with the slowest driver eliminated once seven minutes have lapsed.
  • After seven minutes of the first session had lapsed, the slowest driver would be eliminated with others following at 90-second intervals.

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