A superfluity is an excess or abundance. When you encounter superfluity, there's too much of something.

  • Pronunciation: / ,sʊpɚ'flʊəti/
  • English description: extreme excess
  • Synonyms: overplus
  • Chinese Translation: 过剩(guo4 sheng4)
  • Spanish Translation: superfluidad
  • ORIGIN: When something is superfluous, it's unnecessary or redundant: there's already enough of it. Likewise, superfluity is too much of something. If your friend is a shopoholic and spends all of her time at the mall, you probably encounter superfluity in her closet — since she has more clothes than she will ever wear. The Latin root word is superfluus, which is used figuratively to mean "unnecessary," but is literally "overflowing."


  • A good novel is art’s closest equivalent to a human being—by nature a concoction of surprises, contradictions, and superfluities.
  • It's never a good sign when you leave a world premiere pondering the superfluity of the interval.

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