If you are incredulous that means you can't or won't believe something. If you tell people about those aliens you met the other night, they'll probably give you an incredulous look.

  • Pronunciation: / ɪn'krɛdʒələs/
  • English description: not disposed or willing to believe; unbelieving
  • Synonyms: distrustful
  • Chinese Translation: 怀疑的(huai2 yi2 de)
  • Spanish Translation: incrédulo
  • ORIGIN: Incredulous is the opposite of credulous, which means "believing too easily." Both words come from the Latin word credere, which means "to believe." Incredulous is stronger than skeptical; if you're incredulous of something, you refuse to believe it, but if you're skeptical, you're doubtful but you haven't ruled it out completely. If someone insists that your best friend is actually an underworld spy, you'll probably look at them with incredulous anger.


  • But there were parts of the media coverage of it that made me, like, incredulous.
  • I must give him an incredulous look without meaning to, because he shakes his head.

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