Philology means the study of language. Not learning specific languages per se, but grammar and history, and how sounds and meanings change over time.

  • Pronunciation: / fɪ'lɑlədʒi/
  • English description: the humanistic study of language and literature
  • Synonyms: linguistics
  • Chinese Translation: 语言学(yu3 yan2 xue2)
  • Spanish Translation: la filología
  • ORIGIN: If you study philology, you don't need anyone to tell you that the word philology comes from the Greek philologia "love of learning." It's one of the words ending in -logy, which means "study." Think biology (life), archaeology (ancient things), psychology (the mind),sociology (society).


  • Philology, it’s a tough science- all about how words can be recognized, no matter where you find them.
  • Philology is related to the science of etymology, dealing in root words.

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