A timorous person is timid or shy, like your timorous friend who likes to hang out with close pals but gets nervous around big groups of new people.

  • Pronunciation: / 'tɪmərəs/
  • English description: timid by nature or revealing timidity
  • Synonyms: fearful
  • Chinese Translation: 胆怯的(dan3 qie4 de)
  • Spanish Translation: timorato(a)
  • ORIGIN: The adjective timorous is actually the Latin word for ”fearful.” But timorous is a specific kind of fearfulness — the kind that strikes people before giving a speech, or walking into a crowded place where people are socializing. Also called "shy" or "timid," timorous people often become more comfortable when they see a familiar face in the crowd.


  • As we slowly made our way forward, I could feel myself becoming increasingly timorous.
  • Consider the pot shots Kasich has taken at that endangered species, the tenured professor, for being excessively timorous.

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